Chase will for sure acknowledge plans for totally new show or stand-alone graphical books

Chase will for sure acknowledge plans for totally new show or stand-alone graphical books

Hound Comics

Comprehensive runs (they certainly do accept penciling, inking, lettering, and shading samples)

Hound Comics are only going to write creator-owned material. Chase will most definitely recognize plans for totally new program or stand alone artwork books.

Authors: No script-only articles. Any script or plotline unaccompanied by art can be unread and disposed of. For those who are an existing pro, kindly forward samples of your own circulated process as well as might be able to operate anything completely.

Writers and singers: these people acknowledge penciling, inking, lettering, and dyes products. Artwork products could be kept on document allowing it to likely trigger hooking up different developers if and when the event comes up.


HUMANOIDS is often equipped to study brand new exciting projects and welcome latest skills to their relatives.

1) for them to examine your job and its potential in just one of his or her imprints (Humanoids Legacy, immense, existence Drawn, H1), you should submit the presentation layer doctor and send to editorial@humanoids.

2) If you shoulda€™re both blogger and singer, or if perhaps an Artist was linked to the project, the two require the below aspects as well:

a€“ 1 pinup or cover (med to whats up solution)

a€“ 5-10 finished inner surface pages (med to whats up determination) in PDF format

For those who are a Color Artist, you need to send out a PDF case of your strive to editorial@humanoids.

Should you be a Writer and dona€™t posses a designer, dona€™t fear. They’ve got your back. Complete the Pitch piece if in case theya€™re fascinated, theya€™ll build a creative professionals around any project.

3) Be yourself. Dona€™t just be sure to ape someonea€™s fashion (in writing or ways). Dona€™t likewise focus on a€?I have the perfect pitch for Humanoidsa€?. Humanoids possess circulated several comics in numerous genres during their historical past. Give attention to sending a good pitch, well crafted and exquisitely attracted.

4) examine their particular list to master their different imprints before publish the presentation.

5) Try to avoid deliver a presentation aimed at another manager (youa€™d take a look terrible).

Dame Passing Universe

Woman Death market is obviously trying to find unique, up-and-coming musicians and artists assuming the belongings try killer, they can see hiring a person. But before distributing samples to you, take note the following:

At this time in search of: Pencilers, Inkers, Sequential painters, mask musicians and artists, Colorists, Letterers

Writers : we all apologize, but we aren’t in search of authors currently.


If you decide to literally send an art submitting, never forward originals.

Lion Forge Comics

Article Authors, Artists, Principles

The Lion Forge, LLC (a€?Lion Forgea€?) will not frequently take unsolicited ideas, techniques, methods, programs, artworks, or any other components. However, Lion Forge once in a while considers new tactics, platforms, or guidelines from outdoors sites.

Whether you have a thought, techniques, concept, artwork a€“ perhaps you may publish this sort of supplies to Lion Forge, but only if first you admit and say yes to the Lion Forge entry coverage and distribution production deal.

Take note that in the event that you decide upload materials, send out a hyperlink to publicly-posted portfolios. Any distribution more than 25 MB may not be recognized Inmate dating apps and need to be given by forwarding a link.

One wona€™t often create an immediate feedback, but our personal authors Would look into all that appear through site.

Red 5 Comics

Pencillers, Inkers, Colorists, Letterers, Achieved Work

Your own submitting includes a minimum of five (5) webpages of your respective very best sequential storytelling ways, not just sketches or pin-ups. These pages should describe an ability to handle an assortment of images, innovation, experiences, and charactersa€¦ including peaceful dialog to extreme actions.

Pencillers: their collection should reveal pencils-only, perhaps not inked or tinted webpages. Be sure that the scans become of great enough top quality to demonstrably see your services.

Inkers: the instances must black-and-white and can include a side-by-side assessment utilizing the first pens.

Colorists: your very own portfolio should really be determined line-art from several artists look at the know-how in a variety of kinds.

Red 5 Comics is usually offered to staring at quality creator-owned projects for guide. Both you and your staff supply print-ready websites, and Red 5 Comics takes care of sales, printing, circulation and appropriate sports. The comic try printed as there are a profit-split. You and the group hold full rights on the intellectual assets.

Assembling your shed must actually have a complete creative teams committed and on-board, such as a writer, penciler, inker, colorist (if colors), and letterer. Red 5 Comics has an interest merely in work that are G, PG or PG-13 in nature. We will not take R-rated recommendations. No costumed superhero stories at the present time.

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