Uganda Nook

Our first Nook outside India. This Nook is in partnership and is supported by SINA (Social Innovation
Academy). The Nook itself is made by the community, made out of plastic bottles filled with mud and cemented
together, with a wood upper half and tin-sheet roofing. 50 odd people started to use the Nook, using the computers,
cutting wood, checking up motors, trying out the soldering iron, etc. In a few days they made a regular large table, a
bench and a foldable table for laptops to be mounted against the wall and a casing for a projector to be mounted.
They have now begun making sandals out of unused clothes and tyres, furniture, bracelets out of paper. They are
also taking courses in music production and electronics on the Internet. All of this in just one month of starting up.
Space has also become a repair centre for radios, mobile phones, headphones etc.,

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