Dash Mentors

Nihal Rustgi,

Growth & Strategic Partnership at Apna

Nihal Rustgi is a Marketing Consultant and Co-founder cum Advisor of Brainwiz.

He was also a Media Consultant at the National Skill Development Corporation. Some of the other organizations he has worked with include, TERI, American Center, US Embassy, Alma College, UNIC, UNYANET, UNYSAB, WAPCOS, DUREX, CII among others.

Thabiso Blak Mashaba,

International Fellow, Edmund Hillary Fellowship, Immigration New Zealand 

Thabiso has been a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) D-Lab mentor and speaker. He is also part of MIT IDIN. Thabiso Mashaba is currently an International Fellow at Edmund Hillary Fellowship. He has played diverse roles such as that of a Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Cultural Economist, Policy Maker, and Development Practitioner. His journey in social entrepreneurship started with the company he co-founded and is currently the CEO of, These Hands, GSSE in Botswana.

Shreyansh Singhal,

Investment Professional, Ankur Capital Fund

Shreyansh has been quite active in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and has taken up diverse roles in this field starting his journey as a Co-founder of SOS Media, then an Evangelist and Analyst at Yourstory.com. He was previously, a Senior Analyst at Tracxn and his interest lied in understanding how funding plays an important role for every aspiring entrepreneur. He is currently an Investment Professional at Ankur Capital, where he is invested in technologies and product innovations in agriculture, healthcare, education and other areas with the potential to create large-scale impact.

Abhijit Sinha,

Co-founder and CEO, Project DEFY

With a sheer belief that education should be brought back in the hands of the learners, Abhijit has created Project DEFY, a non-profit organization known to setup up self-learning spaces called NOOKS. Through DEFY, Abhijit has worked with over 17 communities and enabled 7000+ individuals to become self-learners, thus setting up a parallel learning method along with the traditional one. Nooks are now spread across countries- India, Uganda, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, and Rwanda.

Abheejit Khandagale,

Executive Director, Vruskh Ecosystem Foundation

Abheejit is a dynamic personality, playing various roles as an innovator, orator, poet, and many more. With a passion for improving lives, he has founded two EdTech start-ups and a Foundation named Vruksh Ecosystem, focussed on building a culture of innovation, problem-solving, and entrepreneurship in underserved geographies to solve local problems. He has expertise in system design, problem-solving and process planning. He has also contributed to a space weather project by GSFC NASA.

 Rashi Nigam,

K12 Educator and Researcher

Rashi has been a former researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Playful Journey Labs where she was India implementation lead. With a keen interest in education reforms, Rashi was an Innovation Coach for setting up and running the country’s first 10 Atal Tinkering Labs. Showing immense interest and experience in the field of innovation, education design, and strategy along with the maker’s spirit, she has been recognized as the same by IBM.

Sanjay Prasad,


MindSphere Consulting Private Limited

Sanjay Prasad is the Founder of MindSphere Consulting Private Limited, a professional mentoring & business consulting firm incorporated in April 2012. He is a Serial Entrepreneur with four successful ventures from inception to successful acquisition to his credit. He brings to the table an entrepreneurial spirit that drives his desire to build an idea from its inception, help nurture and grow it, to a size that would have an impact in the space that it was created to be in.