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Children are not “empty vessels to be filled with knowledge”. This utterly misguided belief, which mainstream education institutions such as schools and colleges still propagate, has caused much harm and despair for young people all around the world. Instead of enabling children and youth to discover and develop their own interests, talents, dreams and aspirations, mainstream education assumes that its students need to be fed with a standardised, abstract, pre-given set of knowledge. This knowledge, it is assumed, will make students into productive, obedient, and thus efficient workers and labourers, who keep the economy going and find their pre-destined place and role in society.

At Project DEFY, a holistic education organisation based in Bengaluru, India, we don’t think that any human beings, young or old, are “empty vessels”. We believe that everyone has their own skills, talents and dreams that are waiting to be unleashed. Based on the principles of experiential learning and a self-designed education, our “Nook” learning spaces enable everyone to find their calling and chase their dreams.

“We believe that traditional education models are actively blocking learning, by ignoring the learners’ personal needs and interests because the education system was designed for the sole purpose of creating like-minded, like-behaving, unquestioning factory workers. The result? A world where all we care about is getting a job, building a house, owning a car while we continuously contribute to or ignore problems that surround us. Classrooms did not exist 400 years ago. They will not exist a 100 years from now.”


Abhijit Sinha, Founder – Project DEFY

‘’We are pleased to announce our selection as one of the most impactful and scalable innovations in the world by global education non-profit HundrED for the HundrED 2022 Global Collection. This is the fifth time in a row for us.``


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