What is .etc ?

.etc is a unique learning space and experience, developed within the university, where students pursuing any degree collaborate with university staff and the community outside, to understand complex problems that face their reality and to attempt to solve them.

 With the industrial revolution, university education changed to a mass-training structure, where on the positive side it could accept a much larger number of students, even with lesser privileges or from lower social strata. On the negative however, university education turned into a monolithic training program for the industry, turning it purely into a funnel for recruitment. Universities began to struggle to keep the confidence, curiosity, passion, and humanity of the students alive and their skills relevant, driving them to become consumers and not creators.

.etc stands for Every Thing Creative. It begins with the “dot” instead of ending with it, since we believe that this space is the beginning of students’ learning exploration in the real world, with infinite possibilities to follow. .etc consists of a dedicated space and associated program.

The .etc space consists of several tools and materials and resources that its participants will need to work on problems of their choosing, as well as the creative physical space needed to develop their solutions. The .etc program, that runs throughout the year, on the other hand enables the participants to explore their interests and local/global problems and work on them deeply. It is made up of three simultaneously running levels – Beginner’s, Builder’s and Business, that participants can traverse through based on how & where they are in their thought process.

How to create a .etc space in your University?

.etc space can be created in almost any college/university. You know such a place and feel a .etc space could make a difference? Then let’s begin

Submit Request

Tell us everything about the community and why you think an .etc space is what it needs?  Click the “fill the form” button and the process will begin.

First Discussion

After receiving the form data we will contact you within a week, and schedule a Skype or phone call with you to have a primary discussion about the project and discuss in more detail.

Design Project

In this stage, if so far you and we are comfortable with the possibility of creating the .etc space, then together we will design the project including the budgets, timelines etc. If it is feasible, we will also do a field visit, and interact with the community.

Begin project

At this point, the process begins, in co-creating the .etc space together with you and the community.

Previous Programs

Project DEFY and CISCO India co-led the conception and execution of university makerspaces called CISCO thingQbator, between 2018 and 2020. thingQbator makerspaces spread across six universities in India provide students with a platform to take up real-world problems and turn their ideas into working prototypes and in the process come up with unique solutions to local problems.


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