Working at Project DEFY

We have always tried to think of ourselves as a collective of amazing individuals, beyond our identity as an organization. We strongly believe in the possibility of social change and empowerment and feel we will never be able to create this empowerment within communities that we work with, if we are incapable of empowering the individuals who work here. That without experiencing freedom of thought, joyful curiosity and fearless experimentation, we ourselves will be in no position to preach the same to others. And hence, a lot of our focus as a passionate community of changemakers is on the growth and learning of the individual who is a part of this team.

If you are considering applying to Project DEFY for any job position, we request you to read our Culture Document

If you’re interested in a career with us, but don’t see the right vacancy or have queries regarding our work, write to us at info@projectdefy.org

Latest Job Openings


Location : Bangalore, India 

We are opening one of the oldest and most senior roles at DEFY, for the first time in 8 years to fill the position of the Director of Indian Nooks. We are looking for effective generalists and polymaths who will lead the DEFY learning revolution across India from the front-lines with love, empathy and vigor.

Quick preview
  • Role based in Bangalore
  • Strong preference towards women and others who do not identify as male
  • Exp. in development sector leadership, vision making, driving teams and large partnerships
  • Bonus – hands on experience in alt learning and community building
We are excited to bring a new leader into the DEFY fold!

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