Local community members are often the first ones to respond to any kind of disaster (natural/man-made) mostly without adequate resources and training.

DISPECS (Disaster Prepared Community Spaces) is a program to create a deployable disaster preparation package for every community to efficiently tackle catastrophic emergencies and disasters. Here, we are trying to imagine what could be a community response to various disasters, if they were to have the benefit of time and preparedness, in the context of rural/ low-income/ marginalized populations.

We are attempting to create a holistic package, complete with resources, training materials, volunteering structures and a communication network that can help the space become a hub for first responders, during pandemics (corona, nipah, ebola etc) (phase I), natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, famine etc) (phase I) and man-made disasters (phase II) (riots, wars, recessions).

Our current approach is to invite teams to join us in the project, each taking one element of DISPECS and developing it independently using our design process, ensuring modularity, and then stitching it back into the whole package.

Being an open-source project, DISPECS is a wonderful opportunity for collaboration and participation in all the stages of the project from design to execution in various communities and then iterative improvements.

This package has been classified into various sub-groups which need to be designed individually, namely:

Construction Material

Making Material

Training Program

Printable Content


Communication Mechanism

Community Cash

Volunteer Setup


Food and Nutrition

First Aid

Local Dialogue

Awareness Programs

Mental Health

Income During prolonged lockdown and recession

Supporting the animal life and ecology

Partnering with NGOs, agencies, SMEs

Search, Rescue and Safety