What we do

All mainstream education can achieve, is further global inequality, a serious lack of empathy, increasing mental stress and a complete absence of confidence among the people to make any positive change in the world.

Our decentralised, bottom-up model of alternative education can change the ways we learn, and therefore the ways we live. No longer dependent on teachers, institutions and experts of all sorts who tell us what to do, we can experience and apply our own intelligence and will. We want to break free from the charade, and rediscover what education should mean for us. An education revolution is needed where one should be able DESIGN EDUCATION FOR ONESELF with help from a community of learners, in a creative and collaborative learning environment.

We believe that everyone has an intellectual capacity and personal will to take charge of their own learning and create the best outcomes for themselves. Their motivation comes from the challenges they face, the needs they feel and the curiosities they experience, which makes them great educators for themselves.


We are enabling communities to create the best learning experiences for themselves and challenging conventional mainstream education, through self-designed learning spaces called Nooks. A nook is a cost-effective, self-learning environment where the learners design & define education for themselves. It’s a community space that fosters curiosity, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, design thinking process and creativity. A safe space where people from abject poverty, vulnerable communities, at-risk environments can come and create relevant life goals.

As Nooks give power back to the learners themselves, they decide what they want to learn, how they want to learn it, why they want to learn it, and how they utilise and apply what they learn. Once we are in-charge of our own learning and acquire relevant skills and knowledge, we are then also in charge of our own livelihoods and therefore can create the lives we dream of. This also aids in community development projects.


Nook Hub is a combination of a Nook and a growth office. These nodal points enable us to create teams in other geographies, to allow the concept to be locally customized and spread.

The first 2 Nook Hubs are in Rwanda and Zimbabwe. Third one at Matibi, Zimbabwe is in final stages of construction.