Create a Nook in your community

How to build a nook in your community?

Nooks can be created in almost any community, but they have the most impact in communities that face marginalization or poverty or both. You know such a place and feel a nook could make a difference? Then let’s begin

Submit Request

Tell us everything about the community and why you think a Nook is what it needs?   Click the “fill the form” button and the process will begin.

First Discussion

After receiving the form data we will contact you within a week, and schedule a Skype or phone call with you to have a primary discussion about the project and discuss in more detail.

Design Project

In this stage, if so far you and we are comfortable with the possibility of creating the Nook, then together we will design the project including the budgets, timelines etc. If it is feasible, we will also do a field visit, and interact with the community.

Begin project

At this point, the 8-month long process begins, in co-creating the nook together with you and the community.


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