What is a Nook?


Cost effective, self-learning environments where the learners’ design & define education for themselves. A community space that fosters curiosity, innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. A safe space where people from abject poverty, vulnerable communities, at risk environments can come and create relevant life goals.

A Nook is our word for a self-learning space. Each Nook is a physical space created with and within a community that needs it. It is provisioned with laptops, Internet, tools and trash, and culture of curiosity, creation and collaboration. At a Nook, a learner learns by designing projects based on her own needs and interest, and those of people around her. Goals are broken down to milestones and milestones to projects. And all this without the need of a teacher. Or even us. Nooks are run completely by the community, and the learning is driven by each individual. Together the learners decide everything from the rules of the Nook to the management of funds.